Friday, March 23, 2007

Extending Native AD Capabilities to Unix, Linux and Java

One of the biggest challenges facing heterogeneous enterprises today is the ability to provide secure and compliance access, authentication, and authorization of users to all systems, regardless of the platform.

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) has proven ideal in meeting this objective for Windows resources. Unfortunately, AD can't provide the same level of security, compliance, and scalability to Unix, Linux and Java systems by itself. Quest Software can bridge that gap.

In this recorded Webcast, Extending Native AD Capabilities to Unix, Linux and Java, Jackson Shaw, Senior Director, Product Management - AD, will show you how to:
  • Make AD the basis for enterprise-wide identity management.
  • Leverage the security and compliance of AD, for the rest of your enterprise.
  • To create a single sign-on 'trusted realm' for Windows, Unix, Linux and Java systems.