Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Howto install Damn Small Linux using Terminal (Bash)

Installing Damn Small Linux on Virtual Hard Disk Drive in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.
Open up Terminal(Bash) then type in (sudo -s) and type in (cfdisk /dev/hda).
Create hda1 swap 82 128MB then hda2 linux 83 then make the linux partition bootable.
Write partition information to disk when done. Linux partition can be at any size depending on your Hard Disk Drive size.
Reboot the virtual machine or computer (if being installed on computer).
Open up Terminal(Bash) again type in (sudo -s) then type in (mkswap /dev/hda1) and (swapon /dev/hda1) to activate swap partition.
Type in (dsl-hdinstall) to install Damn Small Linux, reboot after it has finshed installing.
Commands are in round brackets.
This can be done on any version of Damn Small Linux. Theres no responsibility for the loss of data or data corruption to your Hard Disk Drive if it become unrecoverable.