Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ubuntu 7.10 Bonus Material: Video and 3D Cube (Part 1)

So you've got Ubuntu Linux 7.10 installed and you want to know how to get audio and video working right off the bat. And you also want to know how to get that cool 3D floating cube and all of Ubuntu's eye candy features. This 30-minute walk-through video tutorial will show you exactly how to do that (assuming you have an ATI graphics card. Similar procedure for Nvidia cards). Get multiple desktops, a rotating floating cube, wobbly windows and much more! Why is this tutorial so long? I hate to leave people wondering "why...". I like to explain everything I do and why I do it. Only this way are people more knowledgeable about what they are doing! Good luck in your booting endeavours! This tutorial was done on the following system configuration: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz Intel DG965WH Media Motherboard ATI Radeon X550 Video Card 2GB PC6400 DDR2 RAM 8X Dual Layer DVD Burner 80GB 7200 IDE Maxtor Harddrive 17" Polyview LCD Monitor 480W Power Supply